Thursday, March 5, 2009

Writing Prompts

Writing prompts can be helpful and confining at the same time. On a daily basis, I might not necessarily have a clear writing subject, so I search for a writing prompt. Of course, most writing prompts I find seem to be of a personal nature -- not quite what I'd choose to publish in my professional blog. Herein lies my dilemma. I click the button to regenerate the prompts until I find something suitable. When I find something suitable, half the time I don't really have any good ideas to follow up with a good string of words. Rather than choosing a prompt to stumble through, I click again only to find the same chain of privacy invading prompts -- sometimes an already generated prompt, even! I suppose this should serve as a sign to use more creativity, shouldn't it? Writers are expected to be creative, regardless of whether or not they are "creative writers." Perhaps tomorrow I'll think of an excellent topic.

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