Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Season's End

Last week, sweaters and jackets ruled the town. Crisp breezes blew through trees and tossed around leaves. This week, the sweat-inducing sun looms overhead while I come to realize that a three quarter sleeved shirt may not have been the wisest choice this morning. Every year it seems like we go through phases of cold snaps that become a few days of cold, a few days of hot, a few more days of cold, a few more days of hot, until finally you rage at how you can't just enjoy opening the windows without one extreme dramatically altering the temperature of your home. The electric company must enjoy sitting, watching the meters tick faster, rubbing their hands together with the knowledge that soon they'll own a higher percentage of your paycheck. People always talk about how wonderful it must be to live in Florida -- the same people only come here on vacations to theme parks and beaches. The concept of sweltering, sticky heat between March and October doesn't quite seem to register. All that registers in their minds are our warmer temperatures when they're shoveling snow. Enjoy that lovely, glittery snow, my friends -- it'll keep you cool when that mercury starts to rise. In fact, I'm sitting here right now brooding about how I'd prefer not to be sweaty and disgusting, envious that other parts of the country enjoy a gradual season change.

To each his own, right?

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