Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gardening Minus the Green Thumb

I inherited a tree that once belonged to a prominent professor here in my department. A month before I started working here, he died of cancer. His tree had taken up residence in the main office and began wilting. One day a professor alerted us to this issue, and I learned the tree was essentially homeless. So, I warned everyone that I would not be held accountable for the tree's imminent death if I was to assume care of it. I began watering it in irregular intervals only to realize it was perking back up. Delighted with my progress, I made the false assumption that I had shaken my plant-killing past and bought some herb plants to supplement my pantry staples. The words "bad idea" do not begin to describe the situation in the least. Needless to say, this particular tree must be low maintenance and/ or tough to kill because it has survived my tenure here in the department.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed it was growing new foliage -- and the previous foliage had been forced forward as the tree was placed against the wall. I decided it could use a little room to stretch out, so I dragged it into my desk area. Its new leaves are stretching in the opposite direction, and I'm very pleased to say it livens up my work space a bit more. At least this one tree survives my non-green thumb.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It would seem my theme is incompatible with widgets. However, I've not found another theme that appeals to my aesthetic and professional needs. It would seem I need widgets in order to add any extra buttons to my sidebar. Now really this just means I need to spend some time reading what coding needs to be added, implement it into my current theme, and I should have no more issues. What this does not take into account is my extreme ability to procrastinate on even the most mundane of tasks. So what's a procrastination queen to do? Until I take the time to apply myself, I suppose we'll be staring at the donation button in entry format, won't we?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Inspired Yet Unmotivated

I feel very inspired to write, yet at the same time I have little to no motivation. I suppose perhaps it’s an issue with formulating my thoughts, expressing what’s going through my mind. I find myself typing away about the day-to-day concerns, repeatedly pressing the “backspace” key, then continuing the cycle. It seems so incredibly trite and trivial once I actually type it out, and then I push the keyboard away feeling bewildered and ambitionless. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a writer’s block — unless we’re discussing the articles I have looming above my head. I have the materials I’d like to write about, but I’m having difficulties wording it the way I’d like it to read. For example, do you remember in English class when they’d force you to read literature and find the symbolism in the text? I don’t want people drawing the wrong “symbols” from my work — and how did those teachers know that’s what the author really meant when s/he wrote it?! Perhaps we’re reading far too much into the words printed before us and taking less time to enjoy what the author has bestowed upon us.

I also find myself wanting to share images at times when my digicam usb cord is sitting somewhere inconvenient — say, my desk at home while I’m at work. For example, I captured an image of a hawk or falcon while on my way to work one morning, and I was just so awe-struck by the whole incident. The last time I had such an opportunity, my digicam was merely a wish rather than reality. It the simple beauty in life that inspires me, as corny as that may sound.

Maybe soon I’ll break from this obnoxious phase of unactivity. For now, I suppose I’ll continue to entertain thoughts of a prosperous writing career.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Dramatic Intentions

Why does it seem that so many human beings practically thrive on drama? From an early age through our last breath, people find one thing or another to gossip about, obsess over, and generally get involved in the latest dramatic issue. I’ve personally chosen to avoid such instances, although I generally don’t escape from drama. Some how, drama finds me even if I think I’ve chosen the best hiding spot. I then find myself either running or facing the drama — the so-called “fight or flight” response, you could say. I don’t much care for it at all. For the moment, however, I’ve chosen to muse about how drama seems to effect us no matter what our age or circumstances might be.