Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Blue. Green. Brown. Hazel. Blood-shot. Bright. Glassy. Many words describe the appearance of one's eyes. In some cultures, we look into each other's eyes to instill fear, intimidation, feelings of love, trust, attention, etc. We count the number of times a politician blinks to see who's the more honest of the two debating issues of healthcare, military, and taxes. We use eye color to identify ourselves. We use the eyes to identify underlying diseases. Some even call eyes "the window to the soul." Eyes can vary in shades, flecked with several colors unique to each individual. Eyes show the world when we are tired, sad, happy, angry, drunk, on drugs, healthy, or just plain existing. People flirt by winking at a prospective mate. We take in our surroundings with our eyes. We find pleasant sights and horrific sights. We survey danger in order to flee or protect. The eyes are an incredible pair of organs.

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