Friday, March 20, 2009

Swing and a Miss...

I desperately want to practice Ferengi ideals of enterprise, but I'm finding quite a few issues. First of all, I don't have a lot of traffic. What little traffic I receive right now seemingly comes mostly from spammers looking to leave spammy comments for Akismet to fish away from my daily viewing. Second, I've estimated my ad worth to be about $0.17USD per day. That's about $5 per month. That covers a third of my webhosting costs. Third, it would seem Pay Per Post doesn't like me very much. Originally, I understood -- my blog was less than 90 days old, I hadn't posted more than 30 posts, etc. Now? It took them four days to "review" my blog. They denied me because I didn't have any posts for "30+ days." What??? Okay, so what exactly did they look at? Did they really bother to click the link to my site that I provided them with? I feel fairly snubbed, and rightfully so. The support ticket system doesn't even work, and sending feedback results in a "mail undeliverable" email hitting my spam filter. What gives?

Of course, I should probably count my blessings. I would potentially incur the wrath of Google, thus losing what little page rank I have -- I'm currently a 3/10. I don't really know what I should focus my efforts on at this point, though. I want to be a respectable writer someday, not some hack blogger who makes her money off of advertisements.

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