Monday, March 23, 2009

Weather Girl

Apparently, I like to write about the weather. Just reference most of my recent posts -- it's a common denominator in my writing. In keeping with that theme, let's enjoy more weather musings.

Today has been overcast, cool, and wet. I feel like I'm in Seattle, rather than the Sunshine State. I don't mind the cloud coverage. I don't mind the mid-60s. I do mind that mist that somehow manages to find its way under my umbrella and into my face, hair, clothing, bag, and electronics. Beads of water build up on my mp3 player, and I panic as I quickly wipe away the potential for a hardware malfunction. I suppose I generally just don't care for rainy weather when I have to go outside. While I didn't mind getting stuck in the rain a few times as a child, it quickly loses its luster when you find that your notes became nothing more than smudges on tearing paper and your sneakers begin to feel like miniature pools. Have I mentioned the unpleasant feeling of clothing soaked to your skin as you enter an overly air-conditioned building? Nothing says "pneumonia" like a good, sopping outfit!

And me without my tea...

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