Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I've begun to formulate a very detailed, thoughtful post that I'd like to publish within the next few weeks. I'm absolutely ecstatic that I've finally gotten some inspiration to write. Writer's block plagued me for much of the past several months, so much so that each post I've done in the past few months feels forced and lack-luster. I've felt like my writing hasn't really meant much, nor have I felt it warranted attention. I feel refreshed to have an idea again.

I would also like to express my disdain for April Fool's Day. I suppose you can mostly chalk it up to a "prank" someone played on me five years ago today, but this "holiday" never really sat well with me. Playing horribly cruel jokes on your loved ones and friends? That's absolutely mean-spirited and hurtful. I don't care how funny you think you are -- it still hurts those people you're fooling. If anyone wants to argue about worthless holidays with me, I will always say that April Fool's Day is the most worthless waste of a day. You think Valentine's Day is a commercial deal? At least it's a day for celebrating love. April Fool's Day doesn't have any warm and fuzzy feelings involved. You don't get into the spirit of giving, you don't get creatively spooky, and you don't give thanks for what you have. No, the whole day revolves around tricking and spotting tricks. It's disgusting.

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