Friday, April 3, 2009

Inching Closer to the Mark

In the past ninety days, I've posted eighteen times -- not including this post. I apparently need to reach the lovely number twenty before I can be approved to make a bit of cash off my writing. I suspect that Tuesday will be the day I resubmit for a fourth try. Yes, my fourth try. Of course, I've not even stopped to take the time to redesign my blog. I must reiterate the purple layout just doesn't seem to suit my needs at this point. While I could switch back to the default layout, I'm reluctant to do so because I'm almost positive I'd need to customize that as well. If I'm going to customize a layout, I might as well make it count.

In other news, it seems my spam filters aren't even picking up very many spambot comments these days. Perhaps one of the zombie networks has been raided by the authorities, to which I would rejoice. Granted, it doesn't take too much effort to rid myself of the filthy little things. ;)

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