Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Verbal Loss

I really cannot think of what topics I should write about in my professional blog. I have become accustomed to utilizing the so-called “friends-only” and “private” posts to censor my words from outsiders. I suppose I have a mild case of stage-fright now that my audience will be viewing me in a professional light. My writing career is far too young to enter the realm of controversy, so I’ve chosen to follow the “slice-of-life” genre for my writings at this point. I would love to write creative non-fictional pieces, but the problem lies with choosing topics. Perhaps I should solicit topics from my audience? I wonder if I should pursue such an idea. As I ruminate over this concept, I’ve realized I need a methodical way of choosing topics. Do I take requests as I see fit? Do I collect topics then have my audience vote for their favorite? How do I go about enacting this plan?

I have decided on two simple rules for these topics:
1. The topic must not relate to my personal life.
2. The topic must not be controversial.

I await your responses.

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